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What is QSant™?
QSant™ is a needle-free urine test collected at home. It provides a comprehensive assessment of kidney health and has the ability to rule in and rule out acute rejection.
Why did my physician order QSant for me?
Your physician ordered a QSant kit for you in order to monitor your kidney health. QSant is a convenient, noninvasive, urine-based test that supports early detection of kidney rejection risk. Testing urine provides the most accurate window into kidney health.
What does the Q-Score™ measure?
The Q-Score™ evaluates six kidney-specific biomarkers in the urine. These biomarkers have been studied to examine injury to your transplanted kidney, specifically rejection. (Studies: MDPI, MDM)
My Q-Score is above 32, what does that mean?
If your Q-Score is above 32 you are at an increased risk for kidney transplant rejection. Please contact your physician to discuss your test results in more detail and to assess the results and treatment plan. Your physician will interpret your QSant results with you in the context of your medical history, treatment, and symptoms.
How do I find out what my score is?
Your physician will contact you after your sample is processed in the lab to discuss your results and the next course of treatment action. We will also mail you a copy of your results. Eventually, you will be able to receive your results in a patient portal through your hospital.
After I receive my QSant kit from FedEx, when should I collect my urine sample?
Once your kit has arrived in the mail, please take a urine sample at your earliest convenience. Please avoid collecting the first urine in the morning.
What happens if I make a mistake collecting my urine sample and I need another tube?
If you make a mistake and need any additional tubes, please contact our client success team at 1-833-MyQSANT during the hours of 8 AM – 3 PM PST or email support@nephrosant.com.
What happens if I need my kit shipped to an alternative address?
If you need to update your shipping information or make a one-time address change, please contact your client success manager and they will be happy to accommodate. Call 1-833-MyQSANT during the hours of 8 AM – 3 PM PST or email support@nephrosant.com.
How often do I need to take this test?
The frequency of testing is determined by your physician and your treatment plan. By closely monitoring your treatment response over time with repeat testing, you can potentially avoid other unnecessary and more invasive procedures such as biopsies or blood draw. Please contact your doctor to discuss your testing frequency in more detail.
Can I drop off my QSant kit at a FedEx location instead of scheduling a FedEx pickup?
For your convenience, we highly recommend scheduling FedEx pickup through your transplant account specialist. Call 1-833-MyQSANT during the hours of 8 AM – 3 PM PST or email support@nephrosant.com. If you live close to a drop-off location or live in a building with automatic daily pickups, you are more than welcome to use those options. Please always use the prepaid shipping label on the package prior to drop-off.
Do I have to be home when FedEx comes and picks up my urine samples?
You do not need to be home when FedEx comes to pick up the package. After you schedule your pickup with your transplant account specialist, simply place the package in a secure location during the allocated FedEx pickup window.